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About us

At present JSC "140 repair plant" specializes in armored vehicles and offers the following services:

  • Major overhaul and modernization of armored vehicles and weapons:
  • T-55, T-72, T-80, BMP 1/2, BTR-60, 70, 80 and their modifications;
  • Modernization of the BMP-1 to the kind of fighting machine "Cobra-C";
  • Modernization of  BTR-70 to the kind of  armored personnel carrier "Cobra K";
  • Warranty and service maintenance of refurbished machines;
  • Supply of spare parts and components for armored vehicles;
  • Training of Customer’s specialists in repair works of armored vehicles;
  • Overhaul of over 50 modifications of diesel engines;
  • Manufacturing of rubber products (RTI) in the molding tools of the Customer and its own production;
  • Manufacturing of various non-standard technological equipment and tooling, stamps, molding tools for manufacturing of rubber goods and other accessories, as by documentation of customers and of its own development.

JSC "140 repair plant" suggests a snow and swamp-going vehicle "Pegasus" and the special purpose vehicle "CAYMAN".