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Zashchitnik 2020-01-17

JSC "140 Repair Plant" has developed and manufactured a prototype model of the protected multi-purpose vehicle "Zashchitnik".

This multifunctional vehicle can be used to support the actions of subdivisios of special purpose, transportation of the personnel assets accompanied by convoys, patrolling of areas and roads, providing a counter-terrorism operations.

As the basic chassis is used the MAZ-631708 off-road wheeled chassis with a 6×6 wheel arrangement and a YaMZ-7511 power plant with a power of 294 kWt (400 hp).

The armored hull of a protected vehicle provides protection for a crew of 16 people from small arms fire and artillery shell fragments of protection class Br5 in accordance with GOST P 50963-96. In addition, the vehicle hull is made according to the mine protection scheme (V-shaped bottom).

Equipment of a car interior inside with special shotproof mats provides protection of the crew from damage by secondary fragments.

A prototype model of the vehicle was presented at the 9th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment "MILEX-2019".


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