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Repair and recovery vehicle “BREM”

Repair and recovery vehicle “BREM” JSC "140 Repair Plant" has developed and manufactured repair and recovery vehicle “BREM” is designed to evacuate damaged vehicles and assist crews in the repair and technical maintenance of various vehicles in the field conditions.
The vehicle provides solution of following tasks:
evacuation of vehicles with various types of jam, requiring pulling forces of up to 75 tf;
towing of damaged and malfunctioning vehicles;
repair works, including electric welding (cutting) works, ensuring the preparation of vehicles for towing or pulling out;
dismantling and installation works while repair of vehicles to replace the main assembly units weighing up to 12 tons;
provision of technical assistance to crews in the technical maintenance and elimination of individual damages and failures;
transportation of spare parts and materials;
performing earthworks during preparation of vehicles for evacuation;
liquidation of consequences of emergency situations.
A prototype model of the vehicle was presented at the 9th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment "MILEX-2019".

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